Bigg Boss 11 Arshi Khan to file an FIR Against Priyank Sharma and Sapna Chaudhary

Priyank Sharma who was evicted from Bigg Boss 11 House after getting into a fight with Aakash Dadlani has now finally came back to the show. But it looks like that Priyank will indulge again in a controversy.

In the latest episode of the Bigg Boss 11 show; Arshi Khan and Sapna Chaudhary got involved in a hot argument on some topic. During this fight, Priyank tells Sapna to get back at Arshi saying that she knows everything about ‘Pune-Goa scandals’. The moment Sapna uttered these words, Arshi was shattered and started to crying.

Arshi Khan Pune Goa Scandal

Here Priyank was talking about the dark chapters of Arshi’s life which she was trying to hide from all the housemates or Bigg Boss 11 Contestants.

Earlier, Arshi was involved in a Pune sex scandal in the year 2016. Pune police told a leading daily, “We sent a decoy to the room and when we got the confirmation that she was indeed here for prostitution, we raided the room”. But Arshi’s publicist, Flynn Remedios, rubbished these rumors. Coming down to the Goa incident, Arshi was arrested from a 5-star hotel on the accusation of practicing prostitution. However, she managed to fly back to Mumbai after assuring the police that she was innocent.

Now Arshi’s publicist decided to file an FIR against Priyank Sharma and Sapna Chaudhary for defaming her client on national television.

In a statement, he said, that he will file FIR against Bigg Boss 11 contestants, Priyank Sharma and Sapna Choudhary concerning the dignity of a woman in legally privileged and protected cases.

Arshi Khan Pune Goa Scandal

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