Bigg Boss 11 Dinchak Pooja First Wild Card Contestant in Bigg Boss 11 House

Bigg Boss 11 House Vikas Kisses Shilpa

In the Bigg Boss 11 House on the second day of the third week all the Contestants were divided into two teams of Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma. This dividing was followed by a task between two teams. During the game Vikas got injury in his eye. Then after, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh started fighting in the task. Because of this, not only Puneesh became the new Captain but Bigg Boss put Vikas Gupta in jail as a punishment . Now on Wednesday, Puneesh’s team will perform the task.


Vikas Gupta Kisses Shilpa Shinde in Bigg Boss 11 House

In Wednesday 18th October Bigg Boss 11 Episode you will watch that Vikas Gupta is in the jail and on the other hand Shilpa Shinde, Puneesh and other team members are planning for the task. Now a video is viral on internet in that Vikas Gupta was kissing Shilpa Shinde on her cheeks. This makes Shilpa Shinde shocked. This step of Vikas Gupta is really about friendship or Vikas is planning for revenge, it will be revealed in the upcoming Bigg Boss 11 Episode.

Bigg Boss 11 House: First Wild Card Contestant Dhinchak Pooja

In the 2 weeks of  Bigg Boss season 11, 4 contestants have been evicted from the show. Now all are expecting a  Wild Card Entry in the Bigg Boss House. There are reports shows, internet sensation Dhinkach Pooja can be the First Wild Card contestant of Bigg Boss 11. In fact, the Show makers already approached her for the show but due to the high demands of dhinchak Pooja she didn’t get the entry in the Bigg Boss 11 House. Now there are reports that Dhinchak Puja has accepted the proposal and can be the next Wild Card contestant of Bigg Boss 11 from this Friday Episode. Dhinchak Pooja is a Popular You tuber and her “Selfie” song and “Babu De de thoda cash” song are very popular among the youngster on the internet.


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