Bigg Boss 11 First Nomination

Bigg Boss 11 1st Nomination and Nominated Contestants Names

Bigg boss 11 first nomination episode will telecast on tuesday. All the contestants are looking very active from the 1st episode. In first episode first day all contestants celebrated birthday of Hina Khan and benafsha. Bigg boss sent a surprise cake for both the contestants. Nomination process of Bigg boss season 11 has been started and 5 contestants are nominated for first eviction. Here are the names of first nominated contestants of Bigg boss 11.

Bigg Boss 11 1st Nomination

Bigg Boss Season 11 First Nomination

1. Shilpa shinde – Shilpa is the first contestant who is nominated in the first nomination round. She is the first celebrity of Bigg Boss 11 house who is nominated for eviction.

2. Arshi khan – Arshi khan is the 2nd contestant who is nominated for eviction by the members of Bigg Boss 11 house. Bigg boss 11 Ghar wale nominated her because of her aggressive nature.

Bigg Boss 11 1st Nomination

3.Jyoti Kumari – Commoner Jyoti kumari is also nominated for the first eviction of Bigg Boss season 11.

4. Zubair Khan – Zubair Khan has started his game but his hot talk with Sapna Chaudhary and Puneesh Sharma in the first episode became the reason of his nomination. He is also nominated for eviction.

5. Bandagi Kalra- Delhi girl another commoner Bandagi Kalra is also nominated in first nomination round of Bigg boss 11. Bandagi is a model by profession.


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Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma Out of the Show for Violence

Bigg boss Season 11 is definitely becoming more interesting day by day for viewers. From the first episode of Bigg Boss 11 we are watching fights like Shilpa shinde vs Vikas Gupta, hina Khan vs Shilpa and now Vikas vs Akash Dadlani. Viewers can see the fights and arguments from the first week.

Bigg Boss 11 Eviction

Now in one such hated argument between Vikas and Akash that took place on weekend. Priyank Sharma who is good friend of Vikas intervened in this fight sided his friend Vikas. According to the news Akash commented on sexual preference of Vikas and also abused him. Vikas and Priyank didn’t like this and Priyank try to favor his friend. Priyank also could not control his anger and in this moment he slapped Akash. But now Priyank had to pay for this a lot. On Bigg Boss Weekend ka War Episode host Salman Khan took  a harsh decision and outsted Priyank for getting violent. It is a confirmed news that Priyank is now out of the show. On the other hand Salman also scolded Zubair khan. Zubair khan is misbehaving and abusing from the first day of Show. Salman didn’t like this and warned him for his behavior.

Well, the Bigg Boss 11 is going to be very interesting and we are waiting for the next episode of Bigg Boss 11. On Sunday from all of the nominated contestants, one contestant will also go home from the Bigg Boss house. Very soon we will tell you the name of Evicted contestant of first week.

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Bigg Boss 11: Shivani Durga and Lucinda Evicted from Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss Season 11 4th Eviction is Lucinda

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Shivani Durga is evicted from the ‘Big Boss 11 House’ this week in “Bigg Boss Weekend Ka War” Episode. According to the latest reports Padosi Contestant Lucinda Nicholas has also been displaced from the house after Shivani Durga. The special thing is that it is decided by the vote of all the contestants of Big Boss 11 House.

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Lucinda Eviction

All the Bigg Boss contestants got an opportunity to evict a contestant from the Bigg Boss Padosi Contestants. Before that in Bigg Boss 11 many times, Padosi contestants got the opportunity  to nominate any other member of house. But this time the contestants of Bigg Boss 11 House got a chance to directly evict a person from the Padosi contestants by their voting. Nominated contestants for eviction were Sabyasachi Satpati, Love Tyagi, Mehjabeen Siddiqui and Lusinda Nicholas. This time, the parameter of voting was most undeserving Contestant of the Bigg Boss 11 house. In view of that most of the contestants choose Lucinda for Bigg Boss 11 4th Eviction.

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Lucinda Eviction

Lucinda is Active in Bollywood Industry-

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Lucinda is an Australian model and Yoga instructor. She has been Miss World South Australia in 2010. In the age of 17 years she got that crown and she has also worked in some Australian films. Lucinda has also played a small role in the recently released Kartik Aryan’s film, “Guest in London” (2017).


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Bigg Boss 11 Episode 9 Full Episode News: Vikas Gupta Escapes from house

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 9 Controversy

The most controversial show of the TV ‘Bigg Boss’ season 11, there is something new to hear. The housemates are not leaving any chance to humiliate each other and quarrel among themselves. This time it has become very much. For the first time in Bigg Boss’s history, a contestant ran away from home after getting the chance. He is none other than Vikas Gupta. He had been frustrated after the fight with Hina Khan .

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 9

In Bigg Boss 11 Episode 9 there was a discussion over some thing between Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta and suddenly it turned into a fight. Due to this fight, other members of the Bigg Boss 11 house were quite upset. After the argument with Hina, the Vikas was very frustrated. Meanwhile, he got a chance to escape from the house. According to the reports, the door of Big Boss’s house was accidentally open and Vikas Gupta ran away from the house after getting the opportunity. Now the question is arising that after breaking the rules of Big Boss house, will he be able to return home?

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